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Comparing Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Prepaid cell phone plans help the users keep track of the used talk minutes and warn them near the time of expiry. Prepaid cell phones are for people who do not want to get involved in a contract. There is no need to pay any monthly bill, no usage of credit checks, no commitment and definitely no hidden charges. But it might be very difficult when making a comparison among the service providers to choose a right prepaid plan as each service provider has his own advantages and disadvantages on his features.

Below listed are some factors, which will help in comparing prepaid plan the easy way: The first thing is to check for the charges on the calls made per minute, some providers give more talk time if the customer buys more minutes at a single shot, that is the more money the consumer spends the greater will be the benefit with a cheaper call rate. The next thing is to find out if the cell phone carriers charge any fee for using the phone on a daily basis, and to choose the plan according to the need. The free talk time period such as weekends, night calling and mobile to mobile are normally possible to call others with the same cell phone carrier and again the consumer needs to pay an extra amount to avail this offer.

This is not ideal for people who have contacts with people with different cell phone carrier usage. If the consumer is a frequent traveler, he is forced to find out if there is any roaming charge charged by his cell phone carrier as some charge up to 70 percent per minute. All the cell phone carriers too do not offer international calling. If the consumer has to contact people outside the nation for either personal or business needs should opt for a cell phone carrier which gives offers on international calling to get benefited by the prepaid plans. Certain cell phone carriers give an expiry time for availing of the facilities from them. The consumer has to recharge once the account expires.

This might not pose a problem for frequent users but for occasional users the main is more talk time, this too is possible as most of the cell phone carriers give an option to add more talk time before the expiry period. After going through the above factors, according to the specific need of an individual, a comparison can be done and the carrier, which ideally suits the individual to reap the benefits of prepaid connection, can be chosen.

David Hensley is an expert author specialized in electronic accessories and gadgets. He contributes several informative articles regularly to that helps find the right cell phone plan and that carries exhaustive information on free ring tones.

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