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Free Online Antivirus

Get rid of that nasty virus right now! No need to pay for an anti-virus. No need to install anything. Just visit to scan your system and kill the infection online!.

Empower your blog or Web site with an online antivirus scanner. Offer your visitors free protection right from your Web site. Free Online Antivirus does not cost anything to you or your visitors; it is essentially free for all purposes.

If your computer got infected with a virus or Trojan, it may be too late to research your options for the best and ultimate anti-virus solution. Getting rid of infection as soon as possible is your ultimate goal. What can be faster than a free scanner that runs from a Web browser with no installation and no licensing delays? Free Online Antivirus by Smart PC Solutions does exactly what the name suggests.

It provides a completely, absolutely free virus protection from a Web browser. Launching in Internet Explorer as an ActiveX component, Free Online Antivirus requires no installation, no configuration and no licensing fees. Simply point your Web browser to and start scanning your system to clean every known virus including the latest ones!.

Free Online Antivirus does not require updates of its anti-virus database. Being an online-based product, it always has access to the latest virus definitions. By using Free Online Antivirus you are protected against all threats including those just recently discovered.

Running your own blog, forum or Web site? Help your visitors get the same level of virus protection as you have! Free Online Antivirus is freely redistributable. Simply download a small ActiveX component and link it onto a Web page as shown in the supplied sample, and your visitors will be able to run a free virus scan from your own Web site. Don't want to upload an ActiveX file to your Web server? Just hot-link to that ActiveX component located on Smart PC Solutions Web site to give your visitors the ultimate free protection.

Free Online Antivirus is quick to learn and simple to use.

here are not many options and configuration settings available, but this free little program does wonders at work.

Free Online Antivirus is provided to you and your visitors at no cost by Smart PC Solutions. Visit to get protected without delay.

Summary: Free anti-virus protection to you and your visitors. Free Online Antivirus does not cost anything to you or your visitors; it is essentially free for all purposes.

Alexander Rodichev is a founder of Smart PC Solutions company located in Alexandria, VA. The company develops easy to use solutions for daily care to keep users PC in a good shape.

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