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Free Real Ring Tones Are Just A Click Away

The number of cellular phone users continues to rise, most probably because cell phones are the most convenient and cheapest way of communication. Since cellular phone manufacturers are producing millions of phone handsets, competition between them starts to prosper; thus resulting to lower retail or wholesale prices of phones. In addition, wireless service providers do grow like mushrooms and continue to increase their number, resulting to lower tariffs in the services that they are providing.

It also caused revolutionizing mobile phone units to be more unique than the previous design. What make it unique from other phones are the different functions or applications that manufacturers installed on it, and one of them is the ring tone. Every cellular phone user is familiar with the ring tone because it is a function that identifies his/her phone from other users. A sound file is installed on a mobile phone to alarm the user of incoming calls or messages made to him/her. These ring tones can be personalized according to the preference of the user.

It can be created, modified, and acquired from different medium. Ring tones can be distinguished into three types. We will concentrate on explaining the last type of ring tone, the real tones. How can real tones be distinguished from other tones? What is its composition? How can it be acquired free? ? Monotones are of simple one; it is compatible in most, if not all, mobile phones available in the market. It consists of sequential tones at different frequencies.

? Polyphonic ring tones are played on mobile phones capable of playing 16 tones at the same time. The combinations made by this notes produce more harmonic melody than the monotones. New phone models support this type of ring tone.

? Music ring tones or real tones use original pieces of music together with the lyrics, the same as the original recording that we heard from radio and other music players. The format is more advanced because they can be played through original recording-enhanced software, like MP3 and WAV tone format. There are different varieties of true tones nowadays, including the following categories: 1. TV series theme songs such as Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, and Sesame Street for kids. For teens, they also have theme songs like Dawson's Creek, Buffy, Beverly Hills, and others.

2. If you are not particular into TV, there are also real tones for various radio artists such as hip-hop, reggae, jazz, rock, or even classic songs, depending on your preference. 3. If you are a cultural-influenced person, there are also tones for them such as native tones in the South American continent and Oriental music for Asian culture.

You can get it free. Thousands of websites offer free real tones, though they have cell phone requirements you need to comply for you to acquire them. However, do not be confused of this "free" thing.

Bear in mind that free acquisition of real tones does not mean you do not have to pay. It is free in a sense that you will not pay the website that is offering a real tone for you. Remember that the only possible way to get a free real tone from a source is by downloading it via the wireless application protocol (WAP). Your wireless service provider will still charge you once you use your wireless internet service, although the charge is much lower than the usual tariff for acquiring a real tone directly from their database. Before you avail it, make sure that the real tone you want to get is compatible and can be installed in the phone that you are using.

Once you have checked it all, then you are just a click away to your free real tones.

S. Stammberger is editor of Cell Phone Plaza. Learn everything about cell phones: industry news, newest innovations, ringtones, and more.

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