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Fuel Cells Where Can Hydrogen Be Found

Hydrogen is the most abundant element found on the surface of the earth. It is also the most suitable fuel for a fuel cell due to its reactivity with the acting chemicals, its clean fuel carrying ability, its richness in energy and high power density, its simplicity and its ease of availability, its ease of manufacturing However, it is never found as hydrogen itself and is usually found in one of its compound forms and has to extracted using suitable processes or devices. Hydrogen can be found in fossil fuels, biogas, methane, propane, ethanol and many other such compounds.

The future is looking for an energy source which is clean, can provide for a lot of energy in an efficient manner is abundantly available. Another interesting aspect is that even the waste product coming out of the process employed by the fuel cell ater, can be used again to extract hydrogen, the process works itself into something like a loop which can go on forever to provide for energy for a long time. This might just be the answer for our never ending search for alternatives for our gas guzzling automobiles and ever draining batteries, a formidable source of clean energy for us in the near future obviating the hovering fear of rapid depletion of a sound and reliable form of energy. Some problems still abound since hydrogen is still an expensive fuel and scientists are still working on possible ways to commercialize production of hydrogen safely and with enough ease. The most seemingly successful ones they are working now are the following three. Reformers: Since hydrogen is found only in the form of compounds, through one of its forms of associated like through the fossil fuels, biogas, methane etc.

Reformers are used to extract hydrogen through any of its natural forms found aplenty on earth. Solar and Wind Power Generation: By harnessing the power generated by other renewable sources, like wind, Photovoltaic Cells etc, hydrogen can be produced by electrolyzing water by using the energy derived from the above mentioned energy generators. Enzymes: Bacteria and algae can also produce hydrogen, albeit slowly. Cyanobacteria, an abundantly found single cell organism produces hydrogen through its normal metabolic function.

They can grow anywhere and are even found in water and air. It is just a matter time before hydrogen can be used as a new age fuel for almost all residential, commercial and industrial purposes, once the fuel cell technology takes off and counters a few bottlenecks it seems to be facing.

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