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How to Fully Clean a Virus Off Your Computer

If you are anything like I am, you have been infected by at least one virus and occasionally have a really hard time removing it.  I will show you to remove these tough viruses without having to rebuild your computer or pay someone big money to do so.  .


Ok so you notice your computer is running very slow.

  You run your virus scan software and find one or more viruses.  You clean them up and your computer still runs slow.  You can’t figure out why so you run another scan and find out that the same virus is still on your computer.  How does this happen?.


Basically, there are viruses that will drop into protected system files or startup files that hide within your computer.   Sometimes they cannot be removed without rebuilding your computer but there are a few ways around this.  .


First things first, get a computer toolkit ready to destroy the virus on multiple levels.  I recommend a spybot scanner, adware scanner, and virus scan.  Plus it always helps to have a strong registry cleaner.  Once you have all of these tools ready to go, get them updated fully and download the latest versions of each if possible.  After you have updated all of these tools DISCONNECT your internet connection from the computer.  .


It is essential to disconnect from the internet because most of the imbedded viruses will connect to their host site after the main piece is removed and will download and install itself again without you knowing.  Run all of your scan utilities first and restart your computer after they have finished.  Once the computer is started up, run the scans once more and restart if the virus is back.  If you cannot remove the virus within three restarts, further action is required and will more than likely result in a rebuild.



If you remove it, run a registry clean to remove any leftover tag files.

  This will also help speed up your computer slightly.  Refer to my article 5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Computer Running Smooth And Safe for more computer optimization tips.  Restart once more and connect to the internet once more.

  You should run one more scan to verify the virus is gone.  If it is we are ready to go.  If it isn’t removed you will have to take a couple more steps.  .


Use your scan utilities to find out exactly where the files are located and remove them from the registry.  Be warned that removing registry files can break your operating system.  .

I have professional IT experience in troubleshooting and maintaining Windows networks and workstations for over two years. I can setup networks small or large and create secure systems for wireless or LAN networks. My skill set is deep and I have a very good working knowledge of computers and their components including hardware and applications. For more information on computer issues or if you would like to find an answer to your computer problems visit my site now at Computer Revival. Thank you

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