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Someone please explain what VoIP is to me

Well if you read this article you won't any more. What is more I am not going to baffle you with a battery of technical terms and the like. No need as it is all so simple really. Once you understand about what VoIP is you will be really keen to use it. The first and very last bit of a hint of technical terms is what the letters VoIP mean. It means Voice over Internet Protocol.

Wow, now we have got over that we can talk about just what it is all about. Basically, all this means is that, instead of your voice being sent down a line in the old way down landlines, it is now being sent down an internet connection. There are a couple of differences between these but basically the internet way is very fast and you voice is sent in little data packages which is converted back to your voice at the other end. The old way was slow so not as economical cost wise. Hence, although you may not have realised it your phone companies have been converting your voice messages to VoIP for some time now.

They can handle thousands of conversations at the same time down the same line whereas previously they could not. However, they have been reluctant to reduce prices until the pressure has been put on them recently by new VoIP companies springing up. So? There we have it. VoIP is just anther way to have a conversation between two or more people. How hard is that to understand? Now we come to the bit where you have a choice.

Do you stick to paying a high price to phone all over the world or do you look for someone to use that will give the same ? if not better service much cheaper. I know what I do! This is where most people start to panic asking the questions ? How do you do it? With whom do you do it? Do I need to have some special phone line? Do I need a special telephone? It's still a mystery to me, who will help me? And so it goes on. Well it is to be understood you would have many questions needing an answer. These changes are very new and like anything new, we fear the unknown until we get some of the answers. So let us tackle some of the questions here and you will see that there is really nothing over complicated at all.

After all, at the end of the day you are going to save a lot of your money. Afford to be more in contact with your friends without worrying how much the call is going to cost you. I have written a lot of published articles that are reproduced around the world so I can give you the guidance that you may need. Let's find the answers to some of those questions. How do you do it? First you need to decide on a VoIP service to go with. There are a lot around, some based on original VoIP platforms and have developed an impressive array of web facilities.

Such a Skype, Verizon and other well known's. But there are a number of new VoIP service providers that are pushing forward the VoIP technology. These are patenting these new platforms /features. Check my resource at the end. With whom do you do it? Sounds the same as the first question; however what you want is someone to guide you in both your choice and in understanding how to use the VoIP features. Better a service that provides you with a personal helper.

Do I need to have some special phone line? No. You will be using just your normal cell phone or telephone line. Do I need a special telephone? No.

Not necessarily so unless you wish to have an I P telephone. This all depends on how far you want to go in ease of use. You can use also an adapter which you just plug in your ordinary phone. However, the service can be used without special setup, using your ordinary landline, computer, or a cell phone.

You do not even have to have a connection to the internet with companies such as Global1touch. You simply dial a special number, disconnect. You will get a call back asking which number you wish to call. You enter it and you are connected via VoIP. There is no cost involved with your normal landline or cell phone service provider.

In fact on a cell phone you will not even lose any 'free' time minutes. It's still a mystery to me? At this point I hope you now see that it is in anyones reach to use. Now if you had a person to assist you, you would find your worries disipate. Did you know that VoIP customers worldwide are doubling year on year, so it cannot be that hard. I recommend VoIP to all and particularly to families where a huge saving can be made.

Small to medium business are taking up VoIP rapidly, realising the massive savings they can make, plus now that VoIP communications are becoming mobile and no longer chaining you to a computer it is even more appealing. Contacting personnel via cell phones locally and internationally runs up large communication accounts, sometimes on top of actual cell phone package deals. Using VoIP slashes the costs dramatically. I am convinced that now you have read this article you will feel more comfortable in considering bringing onboard VoIP in your communications as a package.

Resources: Take a look here at my web site. I will help you personally.

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