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Sony Ericsson C Cybershot

Sony Ericsson's imaging-centric Cyber-shot phones started with the K-series back in early 2006, so imagine our surprise when the Japanese-Swedish company announced that its latest range of camera-phones would be the C702. Although it may take a while for consumers to start associating the Cyber-shot brand with the C-series, we think it's still a good move in the long run. The Sony Ericsson C702 Cyber Shot phones don't just add more megapixels - anyone can do that, and not necessarily with good results. LG have had a 5 megapixel camera on the market since 2006 with the LG KG920, but despite its megapixellage, its picture quality was poor. The C702 Cyber-shot is a UMTS/HSDPA 2100 and EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 phone that will be available in selected markets in Speed Black or Cyan Blue from Q2 2008.

The Sony Ericsson C702 features a 3.2MP camera and is Splash and dust resistant. According to the literature, the C702 comes with onboard A-GPS. Our alarm bells rang when we read about the location positioning feature. It's not the first time Sony Ericsson is introducing A-GPS on its devices.

The earlier Z750i had it, too, though the problem was that only Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan had enabled the feature (as we were told by the company) at that time we were reviewing the phone. The C702 isn't the evolution we were hoping for in camera-phones, although it should fit well within the company's lineup of Cyber-shots. It's also a good move that the maker has decided to initial its Cyber-shot models with the letter C for easy recognition. Although the handset comes with onboard A-GPS, we are a little apprehensive about it based on our previous experience with the Z750i.

We'll have to wait for the actual unit due out in Q2 before passing final judgment. The C702 offer just 160MB of internal memory but have a Memory Stick Micro card slot for additional storage. The C702 will be available in Speed Black or Cyan Blue.

C702 can give you the best shots in the fiercest places as it is designed to shoot in the hardest of environments. It is splash and dust resistant and has quad-band GSM support. The 3.

2 megapixel camera has a mechanical sliding cover, but unfortunately there is no xenon flash. Face detection is also enabled for the Cyber-shot phone to make sure that faces on you pictures will come up well on focus. The Sony Ericsson C702 has a built-in GPS to enable picture geo-tagging possible for you young adventurists. Specifications * Size: 106 x 48 x 15.5 mm * Weight: 105 grams * Colours: Speed Black, Cyan Blue * Screen: 262,144 colour TFT, 240320 pixels, size 2.2 inches * Phone memory: Up to 160MB, Memory Stick Micro support * Talk time GSM: Up to 7 hrs * Standby time GSM: Up to 300 hrs * Talk time UMTS: Up to 5 hrs * Standby time UMTS: Up to 300 hrs * Networks: UMTS/HSDPA 2100, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 * 3.

2 megapixel camera, 2x digital zoom, Face Detection, Photo fix, Photo light.

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