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Spyware Antivirus Software Alone Isnt Enough

When people buy a home computer or when companies get set up for their online presence for advertising or e-commerce, most people's IT shopping list is extensive and includes things such as hardware and software such as an operating system, a word processor and internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape or Mozilla's FireFox. Most people realize that they need to protect or shield themselves against potential computer viruses, which can be debilitating. What many fail to do, though, is protect themselves from Spyware.

Spyware is created to spy on you. Spyware is also known as Adware. Adware fills your screen with advertisements.

There are also malicious types of Spyware that report your computer activities to a third party. This problem is running rampant throughout the intricate web that is the Internet. Installing Spyware software is as important in protecting your computer as Antivirus. Even more so, Spyware protects your privacy and your online habits. Leaving yourself exposed to spyware is like leaving your window coverings opened to potential peeping Toms who look in your window to see: a- What you are doing b- What they can steal from you.

Spyware can reveal every private detail that is either stored on your computer in files or that is typed by you when you believe that no one else can see what you are doing. This could create huge problems for you. But Spyware can be stopped. You can install Spyware fighting software along with Antivirus on your computer. Programs will not only erase spyware from individuals who are unfortunate enough to be infected but will also shield you from future threats. New threats are peppered throughout the Internet hiding in Trojan horses like toolbars, music downloads, free screensavers and so on.

You need an intelligent program that has updated definitions on an ongoing basis to protect your computer or your company's computer against the potential threats that exist all over the Internet. Antivirus protects you from malicious viruses and Spyware protects you from malicious people that want your secret information such as passwords, pictures, chat transcripts, customer mailing lists, credit card numbers or personal identification numbers. .

Personal information needs to remain personal. Companies need to safeguard their databases and people need to safeguard their hard drive from malicious individuals who would steal from you. You need to protect yourself otherwise the consequences are great for both people and corporations.

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