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Understanding The Right Systems Furniture Configuration For Your Company

While a facility, on its own, can't make a firm successful, a short sighted or unhealthy work environment can hinder productivity. Systems furniture was introduced to give corporations the ability to positively impact their productivity and profitability through the use of well designed products that successfully target office planning issues. There are four major facility issues in which systems furniture has proven its effectiveness: ergonomics, technology integration, aesthetics and changing work patterns. While some companies tend to focus on one or two of these issues in an effort to save money when making their purchasing decisions, beautiful and affordable MAiSPACE systems furniture has the ability to address all work environments concerns and stay within budget. MAiSPACE understands the thought process behind companies desire to buy space saving systems furniture, but sometimes forego important features to save money. MAiSPACE saves companies money by providing quality, low cost systems furniture with all the options that make the workstation attractive and the worker productive while increasing floor space efficiency.

Special features like off-modular capabilities, stacking and de-stacking panels, with floor to ceiling capabiloities and lay-in cabling, give designers and facilities managers the tools they need to make our systems furniture functional, beautiful and cost effective. It was in 1968, that the first iteration of modular systems furniture was introduced. Often dubbed the "father of systems furniture", it was designed by Robert Probst. His idea spawned a workplace revolution that not only changed the way offices looked but the way people worked. The idea was to have systems furniture components -- the partitions and the desks and shelves attached to them -- modular and completely mobile, so that office workstations could be remade overnight rather than over months.

And because of the proximity of shelves to desks, paperwork and other materials were easily accessible, not filed away in cabinets or on remote bookshelves. MAiSPACE has taken those original systems furniture concepts and created a beautiful, stackable office furniture system. MAiSPACE designs are far removed from Scott Adam's "Dilbert" looking monolithic office workstation. Systems furniture aka cubicles evokes images of a maze of regimented boxes and sterile, uniform impersonal workspace. MAiSPACE on the other hand allows companies to create a visually appealing footprint while targeting the needs of their employees, making them productive and comfortable.

Since MAiSPACE's primary focus is on the production of high quality, low cost systems furniture, we are constantly making improvements to the look, design and performance of our products. Thinking outside the "systems furniture" box, MAiSPACE's design incorporates flexibility and function to allow workspaces to look attractive while being completely efficient. The ability to stack and de-stack panel frames provides staggered wall heights and enhances the office workstation layout. With over 15 tile options, including three types of glass, on 3 " thick panels, MAiSPACE promotes visibility and privacy, simultaneously.

You can get the architectural feel of substantial systems furniture, without feeling "boxed in." Systems furniture serves an important purpose. It allows companies to make more efficient use of vertical space and thereby lets them use less square footage which can be very expensive in most commercial real estate markets. By putting books, manuals, files and personal effects above the work surface, businesses are able to save valuable floor space and put more people in a smaller area.

Additionally, with its ease of installation, interchangeable and reusable of parts, facility managers have the ability to tackle the ordeal of creating varying work teams and projects using our systems furniture with minimum downtime and minimum purchases Another important advantage of systems furniture over conventional furniture was the ability to make the workstation ergonomically correct. The systems furniture produced by MAiSPACE is flexible and adjustable to meet individual preferences. The user creates a comfortable environment by determining the optimal placement of panel-hung components, adjustable at 1 inch increments; having flexible non-handed orientation for the workstation; and curvilinear work surfaces with cascade edges.

Keyboard trays and tool rail tiles allow for easy access to work tool. Incorporating the effectiveness and well-being aspects of ergonomics into systems furniture purchases can produce cost benefits in terms of significant reduction of workmen's compensation, insurance expenditures and absenteeism. Our systems furniture also features tackable acoustic tiles, work tool rails, white boards and non-handed components with off-modular capabilities, which allow workers to be both productive and express their individual identities. Systems furniture becomes warm and cozy, comfortable workspaces.

MAiSPACE systems furniture revolutionized the contract furniture industry by developing and patenting a standards compliant plug-and-play cable management system in our stackable panel system. Our patented zone distribution system incorporated into our systems furniture, includes plug-and-play connectors, lay-in cabling and the largest capacity in the industry. It not only supports any network or system you have today, but is one of the only systems furniture products actually designed to grow and change as you do with remarkable ease.

Managing voice, data, and power cabling is a snap with MAiSPACE systems furniture because cable runs are laid in behind lift-off panel segments, not bundled and fished through structural elements. MAiSPACE modular furniture cabling can also save money on the initial installation since it's installed by lower cost furniture installers. The cable installers need only do the connections at the end of the "runs" and the customer can be up and running. Systems furniture is here to stay. For those who know that systems furniture really is the right solution for their building, their corporate culture and the space, they can be assured that by using MAiSPACE their financial goals can be met beautifully. You no longer have to choose between function, frugality and fabulous.

MAiSPACE will provide a professional in-house design team to produce the best and most cost effective systems furniture layout, not only to satisfy your current staffing demands, but also to help you plan ahead. Our designers understand all your facility issues and employ the most appropriate systems furniture product applications. You can bring style, design and function to your corporate workspace with the quality of MAiSPACE's beautifully designed, budget friendly systems furniture. will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Systems Furniture for their offices and selecting the right Office Cubicles. Moving On Up, While Keeping Cost Down for Office Cubicles!

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