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What Is Spyware

You have probably heard of spyware before, but it isn't a term that many people know it's meaning. We all know it's a bad thing, but it's important you understand what spyware is and why it has gotten such a bad rap. Put simply, spyware refers to various programs and software that gets installed on your computer without you knowing.

These programs then go on to cause "malicious" activity - some examples of this are: 1) Steal your personal data or personal information. Certain spyware programs will "spy" on what you are typing and all the information you have stored on your system. 2) Install additional or unwanted computer programs causing the computer to perform well below par. 3) Redirect the user's web browser to websites that may contain harmful content, including viruses and Trojans. 4) Sneak in and change your computer's settings so that your computer is vulnerable to other attacks or infections.

I could make the list a lot longer, but you get the point - spyware is a pain in the 'you know what'! Apart from the activity above, Spyware also slows down your Internet connection and make life miserable when you are surfing the Internet - many of those annoying pop-ups appearing out of nowhere are the result of spyware making its way on your system. How does Spyware get into a computer? Spyware is always introduced into a computer through deceptive means, and the user will have no clue when this infiltration happens. Here are some instances of how Spyware can enter your system: 1) Many shareware and freeware software programs have Spyware built into them. Software such as music/video download programs are normally given away free, and sometimes they come bundled with Spyware. 2) Some software makers bundle Spyware with a program that they claim is a utility. For example, if you download a program (from some obscure website) that promises to accelerate your Internet speeds, then you can safely assume that such "utility" programs are loaded with Spyware.

3) Another method used by Spyware developers is to mimic the operating system's messages so that you click on them. When you click on them the Spyware gets installed. If you are using MS windows, you might get a popup with a message that looks like it's from your operating system, however when you click on it you end up installing some form of spyware.

How do you know if your computer is infected with spyware? Spyware creates a huge volume of unwanted activity on a computer, causing it to slow down or even crash. Spyware also slows down browsing speeds as it keeps accessing advertisement websites or passing out the user's data to hackers or other advertisers. If your computer runs slower than it used to or you seem to be getting more advertisements, you like have some spyware on your computer. Unfortunately, many people end up blaming their computer's hardware if their system is running slower than usual.

More often than not it is nothing hardware related - it is the fact that spyware has made its way onto their computer. If you haven't been paying attention to spyware, you must start doing something about it starting today! Computer experts estimate that 9 out of every 10 computers have some form of spyware installed on them. It's crucial that you protect your system and personal information by using a top-ranked anti-spyware program. Look for a spyware remover that has received positive reviews and that can remove any spyware that is already on your system (along with protecting against new infections). You want a program that scans your computer for any current spyware, kills off anything it finds and then provides protection against future spyware.

Click Here to find out how to use a free scan using the top-ranked anti-spyware program. You will also be able to read spyware reviews to find out which program is best suited for your system.

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