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Your Guide to Making Money from ANY Website

Have you got a website that you cannot find in the search engines? or Have you got a website that nobody ever visits? or Can you find your website name in search engines but you cannot search on your product or service? You need help. I would like to shed some light on some very simple ways to increase your website hits, increase your quality of website visitors and turn your website into a cash cow without much effort. In fact what I propose should take no more than 15 minutes (absolute maximum) a day on average. The financial returns will come to you 24 hours a day when you follow this simple procedure.

Here are my Top 10 ways to increase your business revenue without breaking the bank and wasting precious time: 1. Optimize your website. Simply put this means adding keywords and phrases to your site that the main search engines can hook into. This is really easy to do. 2.

Submit your website to all the mainstream search engines. Now this is not as scary as you may think. Doing it manually is downright crazy so we recommend using a search engine submission service that you will be able to submit to over 1000 search engines at a click of a button. The added bonus is you don't have to download and install software, you can do it all from the web. 3. Write articles.

Brush up on your writing skills and share your website, your business and knowledge with others. Submitting your site via informative and helpful articles will increase your visability in search engines and in turn increase your business. Instead of submitting your articles to just one article site we recommend you use a submission service. This type of service also gets you out into the search engines and onto other sites really quickly and for minimal cost in time and money.

4. Join a mailing list. Mailing lists are dead easy to use and you don't have the risk of spamming people and getting yourself into trouble.

A good mailing list has people who want your emails so you don't have to fear that you are annoying people. It should be completely free, no catches, no subscribing, no software to install - just pure free access to a terrific mailing list. 5. Get paid to have advertising on your website. It seems like a really difficult thing to do but now you can utilise programs to have advertising on your website. They give you the code to easily pop into your site and everytime somebody clicks on it you get paid.

Best of all it costs you nothing to set up and you get paid every month. 6. Advertise in classifieds for free.

There are bucket loads of classified sites out there but many are not much chop. We have spent 12 months trialing free classified sites to see which ones gave us the best value. The other thing we looked at was what sites listed our classifieds into search engines - really important. 7. Create business cards that promote your website.

Printing business cards these days is surprisingly cheap and we have found one company that will provide you with free business cards. 8. Create a blog. Creating a blog is free. After you have created your blog you can promote the link through your website, include it in all your article, add it to your emails and more.

What is even better you can earn advertising dollars through Adsense from your blog site and get your blog and website listed in search engines for free. 9. Join an affiliate program.

This is particulary good if you have a website that customers can purchase directly from. What an affiliate program does is encourages other people to promote your business on your behalf increasing your exposure globally. They are really cheap to set up and utilise when compared with other marketing options. 10. This is a very simple tip and very obvious - add your website link to every single email you send out.

Remember every email you send is an opportunity for promoting your business. Your email software will have an option to add a signature to the bottom of every email you send so you don't have to type it every time.

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